Events in the current scenario are all about that unique experience that attendees can remember and talk about for months to come. A memorable event experience is one of the biggest assets with regard to achieving event success.

The question here is; how exactly do you do that? How do you make sure that your attendees remember your event? The answer; audience engagement. Events may be serious business, however; it need not be a boring affair. Even corporate events can be made interesting and memorable through audience engagement. 

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It is necessary to make sure that your attendees are involved with your event, sessions and other activities that you have planned. Using every tool in the shed, planners must prioritize audience engagement along with other important aspects of their event.

Time and again, we have talked about and shared multiple tips in terms of engaging your audience and creating a memorable event for them, be it through unconventional event networking ideas or event gamification

Another important aspect that event professionals must take note of when it comes to engaging your audience and creating that ‘event experience’ is the role of technology in facilitating the same. 

In the current scenario, a number of companies and developers have introduced a plethora of innovations when it comes to audience engagement tools.

 From Artificial Intelligence, Live Streaming to Virtual Reality, these tools leverage the best of technology to provide amazing results, sometimes close to breath-taking. Virtual Reality expeditions, AI robots to simple gamification tools, event planners have multiple options to pick and choose from as per their budget.

We have discussed a few audience engagement tools that were trending in 2017. However, due to the fast-paced development of event tech tools, a lot of new and upcoming tools have entered the market post out list.

So, in order to upgrade the list of tools that event planners can utilize, here is an infographic of 10 Audience Engagement Tools planners must consider in 2018.

10 Audience Engagement Tools for 2018

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