At a physical event, selling ad spaces to brands acts as a large revenue-source. We have replicated this aspect onto Hubilo’s virtual event platform via the new feature – Branded Spaces.

Apart from the clickable community banners and sponsor logos in the agenda and sessions, exhibitors and sponsors now have an additional option to garner eyeballs and leads through strategic ad placement, across key locations on the platform.

This opens up the door to raise even more money from sponsorships in the virtual world, while providing concrete evidence on the ROI to your exhibitors and sponsors.

Display Sponsored Ads
Display Sponsored Ads Using Branded Spaces

Here are the key advantages:

  • Increased advertising opportunities for organizers, exhibitors, sponsors and even non-event participants.
  • Additional lead generation opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors.
  • 24/7 coverage i.e. non-stop visibility, that can be continued even after the event is over.
  • Ad placement in key locations across the different tabs on the platform (such as ReceptionAgendaMeetings and Contests), providing maximum footfall to sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Separate ad placement option for different sponsors, giving organizers the ability to accommodate numerous sponsors and even leverage tiered sponsorship packages based on the ad display location.
  • Clickable ads with the flexibility to define the CTA path and lead attendees to sections within the virtual event platform (for e.g. an exhibitor booth) or outside (for e.g. to a website or Play Store).
  • Detailed tracking of data in the form of unique clicks and impressions garnered for each ad in the different sections, along with the respective attendee details.
  • Exportable data files that can be reviewed even after the event is over and shared with the sponsors and exhibitors.

As with the Survey feature, Branded Spaces opens up multitudinal opportunities and use cases. The display banner can be interlinked to sponsor and exhibitor websites, product/service details pages, downloadable assets, shopping links, app download links, branded virtual photo booths and so much more. As an organizer, you can also promote your own assets and upcoming events or redirect attendees to some on-demand content.

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