Having a renowned podcast on your podcast show is a great honor and privilege. Yes, Hubilo is back with #EventTalks Podcast Episode 2 and this time the guest speaker was none other than Lord Jason Allan Scott; an international event specialist, Award-winning podcaster& best-selling author. And, we discussed on The Power of Podcasting for Events and Events Business.

Working for a period of 2 decades as an event planner amidst the most influential and knowledgeable people in the industry, Jason Allan Scott managed to build the fastest growing aesthetic company with a global base of 29 locations in a short period of one year! He totally did justice to his title of the topmost event professional!

podcasting for events and events business

The first question we asked Mr. Scott: Running a Podcasting Company

So you were into the industry and now you “Teach Businesses to Make Money Podcasting”, could you walk us through this journey and how & why did you end up running a podcasting company?

Enlightening us on how Lord Jason utilized the social media channels to convert his business into a multi-million dollar one.

Once the realization hit about how podcasting is a great means to broadcast your story and reach out to hundreds and thousands of people, he begins interviewing top event professionals and one step led to another and hence the success came.

With the support of his fans and their feedback, Jason wrote his first book, ‘The Eventrepreneur’ which sold 55000+ copies.

“Podcasting allows you to create fanship”

Second question: Rise of Podcasting in the Events Industry

Championing the power to speak and reach out to your audience and fans has been a great tool and hence all the event professionals, James Morgan, Julius Solaris, Will Curran begin utilizing it.

“Podcast provides you the opportunity to connect heart-to-heart which is quite difficult to do when you have to write the same thing in 140 characters on Twitter.”

Initiating a podcast is a simple process and when you invite a speaker they share the same with their network of thousands of people who can find out about you through that.

Question 3: Leveraging Podcast to Grow Your Brands/Business

Know that podcast allows you to leverage. Leverage the audience of your guest speakers, leverage their fanship and build your audience. Once you take a step to your first big gig, it lands you to another one and so on.

“Synergy for a podcast comes from the people.” Get your audience excited for the podcast and what they are going to learn, with whom they are going to interact.

Questions 4: Engage Your Audience With the Power of Podcast

It’s important to think about the power of the audience vs the number of audiences. If you are getting the recurring audience on your podcast shows then find out if they are just listeners or fans of your product or talks. Get them to fill up a form or perform an action.

Make them subscribe, ask them what would they want to hear next, are there any guest keynote speakers of their choice they’d want to listen to and so on.

“Podcast is a medium with which I have helped people to get through their pain funnels and providing them with apt solutions.”

Question 5: Expense, Planning, and Podcast

The best way to start is to find out a community, start asking questions about the podcast, how to initiate it, what all paperwork is involved, what to name your podcast and many more. There are many cost-effective ways to start your podcast in less than 200$. Here’s a great free website that you can refer if beginning your own podcast — apodcastcompany.com

Questions 6: Tips For Power of podcasting for events business?

Yes, remember that there are 2 pillars for successful event podcast — the pillar of entertainment and the pillar of education.

The same works for events as well. You attend an event and educate yourself with the knowledge being shared by the great speakers that make you more sustainable or productive or you are being entertained while meeting with fellow attendees or with some goodie bag/swag bags gifted to you.

Another great element is Creating Memory. Maybe it’s the memory of your meeting with your favorite speaker at the event or what you learned there etc.

Similarly, every single episode in the podcast must have one element i.e. a value bomb that drops in your audience’s life and leaves an impression.

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