The hype of the upcoming GDPR i.e. General Data Protection Regulations has now all of a sudden initiated an increase in awareness amongst the event professionals. The expression, “A stitch in time saves nine.” is for the people who till now took the regulation being enforced by the EU government lightly.

To save all the event profs some trouble, we have come up with a basic and essential GDPR checklist that’ll help you figure out the crucial elements of the compliance.

This GDPR checklist comprises of the points that you must be prepared with before 25th May and a few questions are intended for an organisation who might collect or process EU citizens’ data.

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If an organization despite its residential country, if collecting or processing EU citizens data, isn’t complaint will suffer a huge penalty. The penalty will either be 4% of the Annual Global Turnover or 20 Million euros whichever is higher.

These steps are taken by the European Union in order to protect the privacy of its data subjects and not letting their personal data out without their knowledge and consent.

GDPR checklist will help the event industry organisations and event planners who are yet to comply with the upcoming principles and policies.

Are you ready for GDPR? Forgetting something or covered it all? The infographic will guide you if you have not!


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