EU GDPR is the “Talk of the Town” presently and it is a big step towards giving EU people the right to their personal data. The European government has taken this measure to ensure security measures in today’s digitalized era.

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The GDPR has many policies which need to be complied by all the organisations which are or will be dealing with EU citizens. 

Here’s a relaxing way to know how updated you are about the GDPR principles and regulations.

Talking about GDPR, who knew digital data secirity and privacy would be of such importance in 2020. Seeing the rise of virtual events and tools like virtual event platform and virtual conference software, event data privacy is quite crucial.

1. How many Articles are contained in the General Data Protection Regulations?

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2. What will be the penalty for an organization that breaches the GDPR?

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3. What are the main goals of GDPR?

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4. In case of a security breach who must be informed within how many hours?

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5. For processing the data of individuals under 16 years of age

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6. What company size is majorly affected by GDPR?

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7. By when should the products and tools of the companies be complaint with GDPR?

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8. Should the privacy policies of the organisations be updated?

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9. GDPR is applicable to:

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10. What is the post adoption grace period after which GDPR will be fully enforceable throughout the EU?

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11. Will GDPR be applicable to the organisations that trade in UK and EU even though they are based out of the EU?

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12. As per GDPR, under what circumstances is it mandatory to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

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13. Consent for processing personal data from citizens has to be

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14. What data falls under 'special category' of personal data that requires further security measures for processing?

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15. What is the time frame set for the organizations to act upon data access request by the data subjects?

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GDPR Quiz – Test your knowledge about EU GDPR
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