Hubilo constantly upgrades the dashboard in order to meet with the requirements of the customers and to maximize the customer base. The latest addition to the dashboard is Eventbrite Integration. Eventbrite is a U.S based event management and event ticketing platform where the users can browse and create events.

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How to integrate with Eventbrite ticketing platform?

With Hubilo’s dashboard, once the client creates an event on the dashboard, they can follow the given steps for the integration:

Step 1: In the side panel of the dashboard, the client can view the features provided to them.

Step 2: Under the section of People; App/WebApp Users, clients can see the option of Integration on the top right of the dashboard.

eventbrite integration with Hubilo using the integrations tab on the top right corner

Step 3: Click on the Integration and Choose to connect with Eventbrite. 

Step 4: Upon choosing Eventbrite, it will directly connect you to your Eventbrite account.

eventbrite integration

Step 5: Choose all the events you wish to connect with the dashboard. 
The event created in the Eventbrite which is synced with the dashboard will update all its users on the Hubilo’s dashboard under the app/web app users. The contacts will be synced in every few hours for it to be updated on the dashboard.

Benefits of Eventbrite Integration with Hubilo’s Dashboard

1. Convenient Registrations and Ticketing: With the integration of the Eventbrite ticketing platform, attendees who buy tickets or register for events on Eventbrite platform, their details are automatically updated on Hubilo’s dashboard. Hence, they can use the event website, event app and event networking features of Hubilo, whichever the client has selected for their events.

2. Build Community: The Eventbrite integration is a seamless process which can be leveraged by the event organizers to build a community of registered attendees of the events and automatically add them for future events. This is also useful for multi-event app users who can sync the data with multiple events and automate and ease the event registration of the attendees.

3. Use Networking Platform: All the users who register and buy tickets for an event using Eventbrite Platform, they can use the event networking community by Hubilo. The community offers several benefits to the attendees as they can view the attendee’s profile, chat with them set meetings and so on.

Hence, the Eventbrite integration is a successful new add-on feature in our dashboard. This integration ensures to connect with the external registration and ticketing platform and sync/add users automatically to our platform.

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