As a part of the Indian start-up ecosystem, we at Hubilo are truly privileged to get the opportunity to power an event that is indefinitely the holy grail of start-ups and coming all the way to India this year: The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 (GES).       

Industry professionals are all geared up for this event which has been the talk of the town for quite a while now, across all the major media platforms.

GES is the preeminent annual entrepreneurship gathering that convenes emerging entrepreneurs, investors and supporters from around the world.

With this year’s theme being ‘Women First, Prosperity for All,” the Summit is headlined by none other than the advisor to the President of the United States, Ivanka Trump.

Keeping in mind the grandeur of this event, GES organizers decided to optimize the overall event experience of the attendees by opting for one of the most rewarding and engaging event tech tools: An Event App — GES’17 with the Goqii wearable tech, added to this mix. 

After all, an event that is all about progress through innovation has to be innovative in itself, doesn’t it?

Having powered major entrepreneurship events before, Hubilo was all set to create the perfect app that can help GES wow the attendees while being in sync with their event agenda.

The GES event app has a plethora of features to ensure that attendees have sufficient opportunities to network, engage and make the most out of this event.

The app ensures that attendees get familiar with the event’s vision and partake in fulfilling the same. Here are a few noteworthy features of GES’ event app:

1. Networking Platform:

GES is about finding a platform to facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship in any way possible. In order to develop a startup and take it to new heights, it is crucial to build your network with the right individuals. What better way to build your network than through such events?

With an inbuilt networking platform meant exclusively for the event, the GES app makes it possible for the attendees to find like-minded contacts within the event, set up face-to-face meetings, share visiting cards or chat with them.

Attendees can discover different individuals based on their network or search profiles that are categorized by industry, location or designation.

2. Event Newsfeed:

The event newsfeed feature is a great way to check out the buzz live at GES 2017. Attendees can initiate discussions, participate in polls and share pictures and videos of the event with the GES 2017 community.

Talking about engagement, attendees can like or comment on other individual’s posts, videos or discussions.

It is a fun way to be involved in such a significant event with a purpose to build valued connections.

3. Meet-ups feature:

This event app feature takes networking to a whole new level. As mentioned before, the event is focused on growth and development in four key sectors. Attendees can find fellow colleagues or investors from the industry that they belong to and can set up meetings with them.

You can also create chat groups for attendees residing in the same hotel and create a small community of your own.

The meet-up feature is also meant to help attendees connect with other people living in their hotels. Think about the times you attended an outstation event. You meet a fellow attendee at the event only to discover you were living in the same hotel all this time.

Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient to set up meetings at the hotel itself? The meet-up feature is meant for this convenience.

4. Wearable Tech Integration:

The organizers of GES took it a step further by bringing in wearable tech for a better event experience. Each attendee will be given a band with a built-in tracking system at the beginning of the event. The badge is highly personalized with each attendee having their own unique bands.

With this, they’ll be able to track their activity throughout the event. With such a tracking system, attendees, as well as organisers, can maintain a record of all their meetings within the event premises throughout the day.

5. Agenda Management :

The GES event is not only a platform for networking but also for sharing knowledge and expertise amidst people belonging from versatile industries. As the agenda goes, GES is focused on four major industries this year, namely healthcare and Life sciences, Digital Economy and Finance, Energy and Infrastructure along with Media and Entertainment.

There are panel discussions and sessions spread across these four themes. In order to ensure that attendees find the right sessions to attend and not miss out on the ones worth attending, the app allows them to bookmark and colour code sessions as per themes and set their own individual agenda listing the sessions they wish to attend.

You can also manage your meeting schedule along with your event itinerary in terms of meetings requests that you have sent out or received and the meeting slots that have been set for the same. Efficient, isn’t it?

This is just a brief look at all that is about to come. From video jukebox for entertainment to transportation feature for attendee convenience, GES has a lot more in store to wow the attendees.

So, here’s a shout-out to all innovators out there, scouting for growth opportunities. The event, a three-day affair consisting of intensive workshops, master classes and insightful breakout sessions with expert panellists from major industries such as has networking opportunities aplenty.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to put forth your ideas and vision or an investor where they are heard by investors looking for much better, much promising investment opportunities, GES 2017 is the place to be.

And don’t forget to check out the GES’17 app available on both Android and iOS platforms to help attendees actively be a part of the GES 2017 event community.

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