Starting off with another year, entering a new phase of event industry and meetings industry, event professionals await the new trends and tech integrations that will transform the event industry.

Witnessing the ongoing trends, there are ample articles on what to look forward in 2019? How tech will transform the meetings industry in the upcoming months? What great events await the huge crowd of event professionals?

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Let’s have a look at some of the best picks of January 2019 blogs!

1. Associations Now –

event industry blog roundup january

Associations made a great and lasting impression at CES 2019. CES 2019 is a renowned tech-centric event where the world sees the latest inventions and releases in this sector. 

Starting from 5G phones to 5G cars, the site at the event was mesmerizing for tech enthusiasts. Read more about how associations backed up these techs at CES here.

2. Velvet Chainsaw –

event industry blog roundup january

An article centered on how to involve and include students in the events. Planning full-proof student strategy, how to measure student conversion, track ROI, engagement and so on, To know the detailed plan, read here.

3. Exhibition News –

Whenever a new event tech is incorporated by the event planners their main aim is to increase the attendee engagement and event ROI. Here, James Morgan, Founder of Event Tech Lab explains how live streaming your event can help in maximizing the event ROI. To know more from the expert, read here.

4. TSNN –

With every year that passes by, event industry and trade show sector has something new to engage the audience. So, here is an article showcasing the latest trade show tech trends for the current year of 2019. To know more about the event technology to be used in trade shows for 2019, read here.

5. Event Planer Net –

There’s a vast difference between planning B2B events and B2C events. B2B focusses on setting up corporate meetings, conferences and discussions so that the business delegates can have a f2f conversation and understand the business future better while B2C is focused on making their customers and clients happy! To know more, read here.

6. Event Industry News –

Event Technology has grown its roots to various events. Mobile world Congress aka MWC is in full swing to integrate the latest tech invention i.e. facial recognition at the event. Facial Recognition is the most innovative feature of AI has been used at events before. Let’s see how this turns out. To know more, read here.

7. Meetings Net –

Meetings Industry is widely using the event technology to improve the attendee experience and provide more personalized experiences to them. To discuss further the current state of technology in the meetings industry, here’s an article that provides insights into the same. To know more, read here.

8. The Mice Blog –

event industry blog roundup january

An interesting interview which lands insights to how social media is the best and the most preferred tool for sales and marketing in the event industry, how pitching is made perfect in the present world, what challenges are faced and so on. To read the full interview with Sabrina Meyers, click here.

9. Forbes –

event industry blog roundup january

Event Promotion is a vital element of event planning and strategy for event planners as well as the organizers. How to get the buzz spread out and what must be done — pre-event, post-event and during events is discussed thoroughly. To know more, read here.

10. EventFaq’s –

Vibrant Gujarat — India’s most awaiting global event which provides a platform to brainstorm the agendas on socio-economic development at a global level, showcase the technological developments in various sectors and so on. To know more about how Wizcraft was a part of Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2019, read here.

11. Conference News –

Everyone is aware of the current ongoing trend on social media named as #10yearchallenge. An interesting article providing a 10-year gap scenario is depicted here, where the event industry has been compared to what it was 10 years before. To know more, read here.

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