As the weeks pass by, Team Hubilo works tirelessly to integrate the newest updates and features that’d benefit the clients.

Thinking now what we have launched? Here’s a list of our recent feature updates on our virtual event platform.

  1. Meeting Feedback: 

Attendees can provide their meeting feedback by rating their experience and provide an optional description. This will show once the 1–1 meeting popup is closed.

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 13th October

Once the attendee meetings are over while you are on the virtual conference platform, a feedback form pops up. The feedback form is a great way to collect event data and ensure all the attendees are content with the settings of the meeting. 

2. Session restriction – User Group Support

Now on the virtual event platform dashboard, event organizers have the freedom the choose a certain user group for which the sessions can be made visible. For example, only VIP attendees should be able to see a session and not General Attendees. 

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 13th October

3. Speakers Group by Category

It was brought to our attention that the issue of categories been shown multiple times was bugging a lot of planners. So to solve that we rolled out a new update in this section. The default sort order and Group by Category have been released. Now speakers can be grouped into categories. 

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 13th October

4. OTP change to Login Code

OTP has been changed to Login code throughout the platform. As simple as it sounds, it was one of the most demanded changes requested by many of our clients and voila!

5. Ticket Linking to User Groups

While setting up the event ticketing system, the tickets can be linked to User Groups. So when a ticket purchase happens, that user group is automatically linked to the attendee. This means all the permissions and restrictions applied to that group will apply to the attendees automatically.

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 13th October

6. Notes Download

All the notes can be easily downloaded now from your attendee profile. Click the “Download All” button in the notes section and the notes will be exported as an Excel sheet right there. 

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 13th October

7. Countdown Timer

An attendee can do only 15/30 minute sessions at a time. After the specified time, the attendee’s modal will close. But he can restart again and the meeting will go on for another 15 minutes.

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 13th October

Once an audio/video meeting begins between any 2 attendees at the event, the timer automatically starts on the screen. It is also visible to other attendees who are about to join the meeting, they can see the Time Left Countdown on their screens. 

This is a great way to remind there are more attendees waiting to join the meeting rooms and also to remind business meetings should be short, crisp and concise. 

Use this link to check out all the new features in action!

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