In addition to being shortlisted for Event Technology Awards in the category of Pivot from physical to virtual, we have rolled out a batch of new feature updates as well.

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept

This will allow event organizers to deliver a hassle-free event experience for their attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. We have always been a super enthusiastic team to work on new updates which intend to make our clients and attendees happy 🙂

We are glad to incorporate all the features as some were our own observations while others were feedbacks which we took optimistically and here we are. Have a look at the latest developments on Hubilo’s Virtual event platform.

  1.   Breakout Rooms on Hubilo – the cornerstone exciting networking opportunities

So, getting on to the new feature update, what are breakout rooms?

Breakout Rooms are “virtual rooms” where people can do video meetings. Rooms can be used to hold breakout sessions, product demos by virtual booths, etc. How does it differ from video meetings? So, Rooms can be open or moderated. Visibility options can be set to control who can View the Rooms

breakout room - virtual event platform
Getting into some technical aspects now, let’s see how these Rooms take your virtual event experience to the next level.

As an event organizer, you can create Rooms in your virtual conference now to hold breakout sessions, facilitate product demos by your partners to potential customers, hold panel discussions, and so on. Attendees will be able to spectate the sessions and participate in them using the ‘Raise Hand’ feature.

Various options like Coded Rooms, Hidden Rooms, Public and Private Rooms can be created and set as per the organizer’s requirements. 

You can also set visibility options to make sure only the people you want can see and participate in a Room. 

The moderator can decide who can share Audio and Video in the room.

A total of up to 50 people can join a room and a maximum of 12 people can have audio/video.

Are you also imagining a virtual event venue space and a room designed for 50 people to take part? 

To top it up, Rooms can be used for Single and Multiple sessions both.

Single Session Virtual Rooms are ideal for a breakout session to be hosted for a fixed time while multiple sessions Virtual Rooms are ideal for holding multiple meetings. 

Want to try out our breakout rooms, explore here!

  1. Session Registrations: Exclusive registrations for your attendees

You can now turn on registrations for an individual session. Yes, along with it you can also decide to waitlist registrations, do exclusive sessions for target audience & define limited seats.

Moreover, you can add registrations to a session from the backend in bulk too.

session registration - virtual event platform

What attendees will have to do?

Attendees will be able to register for various sessions. They will receive reminder emails and notifications informing them of the session details.

They can also toggle ‘My Sessions’ view in the Agenda tab to filter based on his/her sessions only.

Try out our session registration feature now!

Sponsorship Ebook

  1.     New Exhibitor/Sponsor Profile View 

Need a change from the washed-out view of the exhibitor profile?

Well, we have a new revamped look, giving exhibitors more space on the page and allowing them to add a spotlight banner Image or a video to their profiles. 

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept

  1. Welcoming attendee is now a new virtual normal

An engaging start with a short video clip to engross your attendees is an excellent way to welcome them. Welcome videos are a perfect way to implement that! It can be a simple video guide on how to use the platform of around 90seconds.

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept

So what if the attendee wants to access the virtual event platform community post the event is over to access the on-demand content? Organizers can still put up a video testimonials or a summarized video of the event that took place. Hence, the welcome video is divided into 3 types i.e. pre-event video, post event and during the event.

Explore more about this feature here!

  1.   Exhibitor List

A list of exhibitors can be uploaded with large/medium or small visibility i.e.the booth size & to set priorities to highlight which of the exhibitors. The attendees can open the profile, the view of which is similar for all the exhibitors. 

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept

Check out this tutorial video now!

  1. All-new Immersive Mode

Faced difficulties in full screen mode to chat or answer a live poll or participate in live QnA? Worry no more! Hubilo’s virtual event platform has the ability to now enable a full screen + participate in engagement activities as well.

Here’s how it looks!

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept

Wish to explore this feature? Enter into a live event now and witness it!

  1. 12-24 hour time format

As the title suggests we have integrated 12-24 hour format in the time settings on popular demand by our customers.

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept

Since all different states and countries follow different time formats, this update allows event organizers to change the time format to 24 hours as per their requirement.

  1. Smart notifications

They are notifcations sent by event organizers in a smart presentation.

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept

Use this link to check out all the new features in action!

Have any suggestions that can be incorporated into our virtual event platform? Let us know, email on