Event planning has a come a long way. The current scenario of the events industry is drastically different than what it used to be. A key factor in this transformation is the technological revolution. Technology, in various facets, has played a major role in transforming events and event industry at large.

Event technology is no longer limited to simple PowerPoint presentations. AR, VR, wearable tech, event automation tools, you name it, there is no dearth of event tech tools to recreate and optimize the entire event experience.

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With events moving into a new era, how can planners expect old-school methods to work? If you wish to plan exceptional events, it is essential that you accept new trends and combine it with the old. Which trend am I talking about? The Event App
In this smart-phone world and Internet of Things era, mobile apps for events are a great way to step up your event planning game. Wondering why bet that extra money on an event app? 
Let the numbers speak for it and discover for yourself why your next event absolutely needs an event app:

event app

Still not convinced? Here are 10 more reasons why a mobile event app is a necessity for your event:

event app

Wish to deliver an extraordinary attendee experience at your next event? Transform your event experience with Hubilo’s versatile event app.

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