It is the era of event technology. Event professionals from all facets of the industry turn towards technology at any given point of time to help simplify the planning process and gain effective results.

The events industry sees no dearth of event tech tools. Each of these tools has a varied purpose focused on one specific goal i.e. bettering future events. And why wouldn’t they? In this internet of things era, the world is getting smarter and with that, so are your attendees.

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Events are more than just social gatherings, they are now an experience. And the question event profs ask themselves is; how do I make this experience a memorable one? One of the many versatile event tech tools that help fulfil this purpose is the Event App. It is the ultimate event tech tool with two major benefits:

1. Create exceptional event experiences through audience engagement
2. Optimize the event planning and management process

The idea of an entire event being just a click away, in the palm of one’s hand may seem very fascinating. But creating the perfect app for an event is more complicated than it seems. Event planners have to consider a lot of aspects before making the leap, from the right event app provider to the features that they wish to include in their app.

In order to ensure that your investment reaps the returns equivalent to the effort you put in, here are 20 questions you should ask before investing in an event app:


Seems a little difficult to answer these questions? Check out this blog here for an in-depth view of various factors to be considered while opting for a mobile app for your event.

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