Marketo and Hubspot are the go-to applications for marketers, across the globe, to easily track and nurture leads from a single place. In a gist, both platforms help with marketing automation, running campaigns, and turning leads into life-long customers.

When they are integrated with an event-tech platform and paired with a live event strategy, they yield powerful results. This is because the integration allows you to fully personalize the event experience based on the contact information you already have in the marketing automation platform. Simultaneously, you can use the information collected from the event to personalize future marketing communication and engagement strategy. Isn’t that cool?

Marketo-Hubilo and Hubspot-Hubilo Integration

The good news is that with Hubilo’s recent update, now you can effortlessly integrate the marketing automation platform of your choice. By enabling auto-sync, you can not only engage with your customers and prospects before and during the event but also afterwards. Furthermore, by synthesizing all the data together, you can make informed decisions, run effective and targeted campaigns, drive better engagement, and maximize the ROI out of your events hosted on Hubilo.

Specifically, Hubilo’s integration with Marketo and Hubspot allows you to seamlessly sync all your event and customer data, with either of the platforms. This means that you can automatically send key attendee registration and attendance data in real-time, directly into your Marketo/Hubspot accounts. Similarly, you can import detailed registration information from your Marketo account for all your events on Hubilo. This eliminates the need to manually pull up event data or deal with long and confusing spreadsheets – saving you a ton of time and effort.

Hubilo and Marketo Integration
Hubilo-Marketo Integration

Hubilo and Hubspot Integration
Hubilo-Hubspot Integration

How to leverage this opportunity

The days are gone when you had to worry about manually importing and exporting data for your event marketing campaigns and follow-up communication. Instead, with this integration you can reap various benefits:

  • Set up multiple configuration options within one Hubilo account. You can also integrate Hubilo with multiple Marketo/Hubspot accounts to manage all your event leads and data.
  • Automatically import registration data captured by Marketo on any website, as per ticket type and attendee group. You can then define the attendee access on Hubilo accordingly, for example – VIP attendees can be given the access to a private virtual networking lounge, as opposed to regular attendees.
  • Integrate all your events: Choose what information is valuable from multiple events that you host on Hubilo and automatically sync the data for all of them.
  • Auto-send registration and attendance details to Marketo/Hubspot. Segment attendee cohorts and enable custom pre, during and post-event messaging to optimize engagement and conversion. For instance, your post-event emails can go way beyond just ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry, we missed you’ messages. Instead, they can include more meaningful, timely and personalized messages and nurture pathways. Here’s an example of how we tailored the email communication for our event – Restart 2021:
Restart 2021 with Hubilo
Crafting Data-Backed & Personalized Marketing Communication
  • Get a single view of all your customer and prospect data in one place. Analyze their event activities and interests to create personalized sales and marketing campaigns in the future.
  • Power personalized sales and marketing campaigns without lifting a finger.
  • Build up-to-date, comprehensive lead profiles, and keep nurturing them as your leads attend more of your events on Hubilo and engage with content and platform functionalities.

By integrating your marketing automation platform with Hubilo, you can automate all of your event communication and lead-management processes. This will empower you with plenty of rich, insightful data that will help you increase your event ROI manyfold. And you can focus all your time and energy on crafting the best end-to-end attendee experience with Hubilo.

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