Setting up a benchmark, IMEX America 2019 has definitely crossed the success line in Las Vegas. Held at Sands Expo and Convention Center from Sept 10-12, IMEX Group released the big numbers.

Approximately 14000 attendees participated in this year’s global event generating an overall economic impact of more than US$20m (£16.7m). The event included 3500+ exhibitors representing more than 150 countries. In total, IMEX Group estimates a total of 76,000 individual and group appointments in 2019.

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“Every year we strive to be our own competition, to push ourselves to deliver richer experiences, better education and, of course, a really strong business pipeline for our exhibitors. Our partners keep rising to the occasion too,” said IMEX Group Chairman, Ray Bloom.

It has been notified that IMEX 2019 held in Las Vegas has been the most successful event of the edition.

IMEX was high on sustainability this year with the amazing implementation of the same scene at the event.

The tweets about IMEX adhering to the reusable lanyards and badges aiming to reduce event waste were commendable. Sustainability Ruled and won everyone over.

A few announcements were also made to set new standards for event sustainability like the launch of Event Industry Council’s new Center for Sustainable Events, and that old APEX standards will be replaced with new EIC standards.

In addition, there was a major announcement of the event industry’s involvement in accelerating the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Bruce MacMillan, president, and CEO of MPI, IMEX America’s strategic partner and premier education provider, expressed enthusiasm for the show’s superb turnout.

“You don’t see an American trade show here, you see a global event,” MacMillan said.

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