It’s all Virtual Now. Starting from planning to production to sessions as well as the event networking and event experience has shifted to Virtual Platforms. The wave of virtual is strong and all the event professionals are ready to withstand the pandemic together with the digital tools and technologies.

While in the talks with one of the profound event influencers, Will Curran about the current situation of the industry, we got a chance to have a short video interview with the Chief Einstein of the Endless Events.

Watch it here:

virtual events interview with Will Curran

A brief intro about Will Curran: Also known as the King of AV, Will is an enthusiastic and super cool person. In our brief interaction over the e-mails and his video answers, he was zestful, an admirable person and a technology lover.

Here are a few questions we asked Will about Virtual Events. The first one was “Has the Coronavirus outbreak situation permanently change the events industry? “

Answering to which Will said, “Yes, it has broken the events industry but not in the way the people are going to think. This situation can be fixed and it will be. It broke the industry to realize that we as event profs have to start thinking smarter and more creatively about how we are going to connect people. Of course, in-person experiences are better than virtual experience. 

 But with the digital wave, we need to realize virtual connections also hold importance. This pandemic has truly challenged the industry. So many companies are pivoting into virtual to figure out a solution to the current problem. People are going to stay & stick together. It broke the industry but now it’s going to come out even stronger and furious than ever before”

The next question was “What should event industry professionals be doing at this point in time about their events/conferences that are either cancelled, postponed or are upcoming?”

Event professionals right now may just be focusing on how to cancel & postpone their events or how to tackle the revenue crisis. But what should they actually do?

They should keep all this aside, obviously, keep on updating their contracts, reviewing revenue policies and so on but meanwhile start growing themselves and learn.
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This is the time for you to grow and this is one the few times that we can say we honestly have more time than ever. A lot of planners right now have ample amount of time to start learning, get certification in digital events. We all are trying to help each other.

It’s time for planners to learn about virtual events if you’re afraid of technologies, this is your time to learn about it.

Our third question to Will was, “Being a production company, how is Endless Events pivoting during the current crisis?”

We basically made the event from a traditional Event Production Company to a virtual event production company. Previously we were doing tools and carrying equipment to venues and now we just shifted that to virtual. We said why don’t we do it for the technology.

Like if this event is happening and using this technology which is missing this element, why don’t we integrate new tech with their tech and make it amazing! And obviously, this time people need support that we are also providing.

Other things that we are getting hired is since we were the first movers & pivoted to virtual, clients have been coming up with queries to help them build strategies on how to execute virtual events.

So we have shifted from the company who was executing & designing the events to the people who are in frontline talking to the executives about their event strategies.

The next question we asked was, with technologies 5g, AR and VR on the rise, Are virtual events the way to go or is it just a quick fix for the current problem?

Before the pandemic, virtual events represented 1% of the market, but now they represent 100% of the market. There is going to be a gigantic explosion in hybrid events — in-person events + virtual events to create amazing attendee experience. The concept of hybrid events is going to flourish in the coming years in the industry!

The last question: What are some of your pro-tips to whoever is planning or marketing a virtual event?

Understand what your competition is doing, what kind of events (since all is virtual for now) fall into your bucket & try to do way better than that. I think the best thing to do is for example if you have really engaging speakers that is a marketing element for you.

virtual events pro-tip


Promote the speakers; their previous clips put it on social and so on. You can utilize this time & use a big shot speaker to be your draw that might have been too expensive for you before.

Last but not the least, if you have time for the event to come like say 1–2 months, build a brand, re-purpose your content, and market using that content.

Building awesome content, becoming a thought leader, and taking the long approach to help people upfront, will help you build strong relationships with your audience.

If you are building a virtual event now, the best thing you can do is to take RISKS.

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