Let me tell you a story of Harvey!

Harvey is a master of event planning! 

event app

He was known for his impeccable event organizing skills. If anybody wanted to organize an event that people would cherish for years, they knew whom to call!

Fast forwarding to 2017, Harvey’s charm isn’t what it used to be. As per him, he isn’t much smooth with event technology. He says, attendee’s expectations have increased, engaging them is more of a challenge with outdated tactics, especially networking, and events are no more just events, people expect events to be an experience in itself. 

If you are just like Harvey, you’re not alone. He is failing but you wouldn’t! 

Because you have an Event App!

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Event App is a great tool to showcase your event online in a well-organized fashion so that your attendees feel personalize and can make themselves a part of your event in a better way. 

It has come off as an ultimate event tech tool which helps in better execution, precise event management and robust engagement of attendees. 

event app

*Event Apps are more than just mobile; they are ways to connect your audience no matter the device.

*A way to engage your audience, before, during and after the event

*Helps you in saving your time and money.

*A better platform to showcase your event ROI.

*Helps in lead generation to your exhibitors and sponsors.

*Not just the above-mentioned things, an event app helps you do more!

A great event app will provide better value to your audience, on any device: with all of the event information right at their fingertips, before, during, and after the event. Plus, you get more peace of mind.

Evolution of Event App

Early on event apps were meant to merely simplify navigation for the attendees. The features that event apps provided were pretty basic. Earlier event apps were more or less a mirror of an event website

With time, the need of doing more than just digital flyers raised. Developers began innovating various aspects of the app and integrated a lot of creative features such as interactive maps, gamification, etc.

The list of tasks that the app fulfilled also grew longer; venue management, check-ins, registrations and ticketing, integrating food coupons, event networking, etc.

Then came in-app messaging. Then came the integration of VR & AI and Chatbots ultimately!

Event Apps have embraced the technology and they are continuously evolving. Necessity is the mother of invention and this evolution is the result of attendee’s necessity. 

But what sort of needs resulted in this massive transformation? Click here to read more about why you, your event and most importantly why your attendees need a mobile event app.

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